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Located in the heart of Jakarta, Conclave’s state-of-the-art facilities and virtual offices are fast becoming a coworking oasis for entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads.

Startup ecosystems needed

Coworking spaces with good facilities are urgently needed to support Indonesia’s tech startups

Increasing freelancers and entrepreneurs

Indonesia expected to be ASEAN’s fastest growing community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers.



Target number of tech startups in Indonesia by 2020

The tech startups growth is due to government initiatives such as Bekraf (Creative Economy Organization) and the growing interest from local and regional investors.

Conclave has two coworking spaces in Jakarta. Facilities include virtual office services, shared desks, meeting rooms and private offices. Conclave also has a library, a large auditorium and free Wi-Fi. It hosts events and workshops, with memberships ranging from day passes to weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions.
Conclave has two coworking spaces in Jakarta. Facilities include virtual office services, shared desks, meeting rooms and private offices. Conclave also has a library, a large auditorium and free Wi-Fi. It hosts events and workshops, with memberships ranging from day passes to weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions.
Conclave rents out desk spaces, meeting rooms and private offices. Different subscription plans are available, ranging from one-day passes to full membership plans. Virtual office facilities and services are also available. Workshops and events are held at the Conclave hubs, with monthly movie screenings at The Wijaya.

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The provision of coworking spaces or hubs in Indonesia, notably in Jakarta, has increased exponentially since 2014. The current 65 creative hubs offering is expected to hit 100 in 2017 as more local and international players enter the market. Popular locations in Jakarta will see intense competition for market share as cash-rich venture capitalist giants jostle with independents to attract local talent.

Conclave offers flexible hot desk facilities and virtual offices to attract a mix clientele of digital nomads, freelancers and startups. Besides the first location at Jalan Wijaya in south Jakarta, Conclave is venturing into the city’s historic business district to attract bigger corporate clients to its newly opened Kuningan office venue at Menara Global.

Virtual office services packages could be a growth area for Conclave where space is premium in an expensive city like Jakarta. The basic virtual office plan at IDR 7 million a year includes a business address, mail and document handling services. A domicile letter is also issued to formally register Conclave as the user company’s address. The ‘plus’ plan costs IDR 10 million a year and gives all the benefits of the basic plan, with additional usage of the meeting rooms and dedicated workstations.

Users may also rent ‘hot desks’ on a first come first served basis within a designated shared desk section of the hub. Local members may pay IDR 100,000 for a day pass or IDR 2 million for a monthly pass. A special student price for the day pass is IDR 50,000. Global members enjoy access to both Conclave locations by paying either IDR 3 million for a month’s membership or IDR 25 million for the annual plan.

Small teams looking for a more permanent work station may rent a small private office. The monthly subscription starts from IDR 13.5 million. On top of the regular amenities enjoyed by all members, private office users enjoy 24/7 access to their space, mail and document handling services. They also enjoy free use of meeting rooms for 12 hours per month.

All users enjoy free-flow coffee and high-speed Wi-Fi. Conclave also has meeting rooms, mini classrooms and a 125-seat auditorium for rent as required. Monthly movie screenings are organized at the Wijaya location. Workshops, sharing sessions and networking events are key activities at the coworking spaces. Well-known entrepreneurs and industry experts are invited to share insights with members. Conclave’s event partners include Techtif, Creative Mornings and SeringSharing.


  • Launch
  • Growth
  • Recent Developments
  • Future Plans
  • 2014 - Conclave launched its first location.

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    The launch

    December, Conclave opened its first location at Jalan Wijaya in south Jakarta.

    • Conclave was founded under the name of Warehouse Enterprise International with the founders’ own capital of IDR 5 billion.
    • It was named after the closed-doors meeting of Catholic cardinals who choose the next Pope when the current one dies or resigns.
    • Co-founders Aditya Hadiputra and Marshall Utoyo began working on the idea in 2012 while struggling to find a good place to work on university assignments.
    • Initially they thought of opening their business in the Philippines, but decided to start in Jakarta to serve the growing number of entrepreneurs in the city.
  • 2015 - Marshall Utoyo left Conclave.

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    Key personnel
    March, Marshall Utoyo, one of Conclave’s co-founders, left the company to join a furniture e-commerce company Fabelio that is also renting space at Conclave.
  • 2016 - Second location opens; joins Coworking Indonesia.

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    Products and services

    September, Conclave opened a second location at Kuningan.

    • The office building venue was chosen due to its proximity to government offices and major companies.
    • It will target clients from bigger companies, with a more professional coworking environment compared to the less formal Wijaya venue.
    • Conclave also started its global membership plan. The global membership allows users to access shared desk spaces at both Conclave locations.

    August, Conclave joined Coworking Indonesia, a new association for Indonesia’s coworking space industry.

    • Conclave hosted the association’s launch event at its Wijaya location. Conclave co-founder Akbar Brojosaputro is a member of the Partnership (Corporate) division.
    • The association aims to foster stronger collaboration among Indonesia’s coworking industry players.
  • Recent Developments

    Currently has two locations in Jakarta, targeted at different groups of consumers.

    Major tenants include Fenox Venture Capital, JobForward, Fabelio and Monk's Hill Ventures.

  • Future Plans

    Attract clients from bigger firms to its Kuningan office location at Menara Global.

    Establish stronger relations with other coworking spaces providers and entrepreneurs through Coworking Indonesia.

    Expand Conclave to other major Indonesian cities where the market and startup scenes are ready.

Updated: 03/01/2017