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Neisha is the leading online platform for equipment sharing and rentals in China; it has over seven million registered users.

Growing demand for rentals

An increasing number of people want to try the latest technology before buying.

New gadgets gather dust

Many expensive technological devices are used infrequently after purchase.

Unfriendly rental experiences

In a big market like China, renting equipment can be difficult, inconvenient and frustrating.


RMB 18.3 billion

Value of China's equipment sharing and rental market in 2017

This reflects a 30-fold increase since 2015.

Neisha is an online platform where users can rent or loan electronic equipment such as cameras, drones and smart devices.
Neisha is an online platform where users can rent or loan electronic equipment such as cameras, drones and smart devices.
Neisha employs both C2B2C and B2C models. It purchases products from manufacturers and rents them to users, who can also rent their own technological devices on the platform. Neisha takes a 20% cut of the cost of the rental in exchange for providing the service.

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Neisha’s profits come from rental fees, service fees and guarantee fees, all of which vary based on item. If users pay the guarantee fee, they only have to cover 30% of repair costs  if damages occur.

Neisha has detailed criteria for what can be rented on their platform - most items for rent are the latest equipment from top brands. Daily rent, on average 1% of the item’s original price, depends on the life cycle of the equipment and the platform’s own mathematical algorithm.

Neisha mainly targets users between the ages of 18 and 29. In 2016, college students made up 30% of its users. Neisha puts more emphasis on user experience than similar rental companies, which gives it a competitive edge. 

Neisha works with Alipay, which provides its users with an interface on its platform to access Neisha services, and with Sesame Credit*, which provides user scores that can be used to waive the deposits needed for rental. Its partnerships with Ant Financial, e-commerce marketplace Taobao and travel service provider Alitrip, all owned by Alibaba, have helped the platform quickly grow its user base.

*Sesame Credit is a social credit scoring system developed by Ant Financial Services Group, the financial arm of Alibaba and operator of Alipay. Sesame Credit generates a social credit score for Alipay users based on several factors, including purchases made using Alipay, timely payments on bills and credit cards, etc.


  • Launch
  • Growth
  • Recent Developments
  • Future Plans
  • 2015 - Launch of PPZU (original name of Neisha); 7-digit-RMB seed financing.

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    The launch

    September, launched PPZU.

    Because of an unpleasant rental experience he had had in Europe, Yang Wei set up PPZU, an online rental platform.    

    November, raised millions of RMB in seed funding from ONES Ventures.
  • 2016 - Changed platform name to “Neisha”; received financing from angel investor.

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    Products and services

    March, renamed platform “Neisha.”

    June, over 4,000 items available on the platform for rental, including HTC Vives, GoPros and DJI drones. 80% of items rented belonged to individual owners, 15% were from Neisha and 5% came directly from manufacturers.    


    June, team expanded to 17 people. The number of users increased by an average of 50-60% each month; orders exceeded 1,000 per month; repurchase rate reached 30%; rental deposits generated RMB 3 million in revenue.

    August, the number of users reached 20,000.

    June, received millions of RMB funding from angel investor Longling Capital and ONES Ventures. 

    • The funds were used to improve user experience: Neisha waived a portion of the deposit for some users and the entire deposit for others by cooperating with third-party credit platforms and improved logistics by providing users in certain areas with Next Day Delivery.
  • 2017 - Reached break-even point; partnered with Ant Financial and JD.com; registered users rose rapidly; 8-digit-RMB Series A financing.

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    Products and services
    August, half of rental items came from individual owners; half came from Neisha.

    April, broke even.

    June, established partnerships with Ant Financial and JD.com; registered users rose from fewer than 100,000 to four million.

    • Opened a shop on JD.com; Neisha users could access Neisha services on the Alipay platform and users with good Sesame Credit scores no longer had to pay the rental deposit.
    August, team expanded to 36 people. Registered users reached seven million.
    August, raised tens of millions of RMB in Series A financing from Zhejiang Jinke Venture Capital, Onroad Capital and HMC Venture.
  • 2018 - 8-digit-RMB Series A+ financing.

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    April, signed partnership agreement with ShareChain, a credit data platform based on shared economy, to further expand its user services.

    • By partnering with ShareChain, a decentralized and reliable credit system that uses blockchain technology, Neisha will be able to offer more services and products to its users without having to worry about credit issues.
    April, raised tens of millions of RMB in Series A+ financing from Ant Financial.
  • Recent Developments

    As of August 2017, Neisha had seven million registered users. That number is expected to reach between 10 and 20 million in 2018.

  • Future Plans
    Neisha will further expand its business and improve its service capabilities.    
Updated: 04/2018

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