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Founders Country Startups Founded Sector Technology
Chen Xi (Alex Chen)
China Haoqipei Automotive, B2B, E-commerce Mobile, SaaS
Piao Dayong
China Uroaming Telecommunications, Travel & Tourism
Felix Hao (Hao Yiyang)
China aiXcoder B2B, B2C, Developer Tools Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Robotics
Zhang Mingliang
China Nongfenqi Agriculture & Fishery, E-commerce, Fintech
Chen Andi
China Whale B2B, Marketing, Retail Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Internet of Things, SaaS, Sensors
Afia Fitriati
Indonesia Gadjian B2B, Human Resources SaaS
Pilar Troncoso
Spain ChainGo B2B, Logistics & Supply Chain, Transportation Big Data & Analytics, Blockchain, SaaS
Zhang Wei
China Tutuche Automotive, C2C, O2O, Retail
Irzan Raditya
Indonesia B2B Artificial Intelligence, SaaS
Wang Qian
China Maimai Human Resources, Social Networking & Community
Pedro S. Sarmento
Portugal FarmCloud Agriculture & Fishery, B2B, Productivity Software Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Internet of Things, Marketplaces & Platforms, SaaS, Sensors
Ferrán Gutiérrez Vilaró
Spain NPAW B2B, B2C, Developer Tools, Monitoring & surveillance, Music, Productivity Software, Video Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics
Li Xiaojie
China Zaihui Marketing, Retail Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics, SaaS
Lu Wenyong
China Kuaipeilian Arts, B2C, Edtech, Kids & Technology, Music, Students, Training & Coaching Streaming
Gibran Rakabuming
Indonesia Goola B2C, Food & Beverage, On-demand


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