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Analysing and leveraging data: Interview with Datanest co-founders

Indonesia · Jul 11, 2019· By Putu Agung Wija Putera

Datanest's co-founders Manggala Ratulangie (L) and Thibaud Plaquet ©Datanest

From credit scoring to demand forecasting, Datanest has built many machine-learning products and looks to raise new funding, expand beyond Indonesia 

Data science seems to be all the rage, from fledgling startups to unicorns and conglomerates. With recent advances in machine learning and analytics, companies can make better decisions backed by real data. Sometimes, it's even possible to discover future opportunities and challenges before anyone else does.

However, data analytics is expensive and complicated. For the most part, it remains out of reach for many SMEs. Datanest, an Indonesian startup founded by Manggala Ratulangie and Thibaud Plaquet, wants to change that by providing data science as a service.

CompassList sat down with the company co-founders to find out how their service works, and how companies can optimize their business or leverage their data with Datanest.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. 

Q. How did Datanest start?

Manggala: We first met four years ago when we were hired to do big-data analytics for a startup called Omnicart. The startup didn't do well and we failed to deliver the product to the market. We kept thinking about how we could have done it better and we came up with the idea of not just delivering big data tools, but also the analytics software behind it.

Edited by Matt Stanley

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