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Be Helpie: Fundraising designed for Gen Z

Spain · Nov 28, 2018· By Gareth Gardiner Jones

©Be Helpie

CEO of Pamplona-based startup Be Helpie, Miguel Pueyo, tells CompassList at the Madrid South Summit about revolutionizing fundraising by engaging teens and young adults

"Generation Z has, until now, been ignored by charitable organizations when collecting donations for benevolent causes because they do not respond to traditional fundraising models," said Be Helpie Co-Founder and CEO Miguel Pueyo. Be Helpie's app, he asserted, not only provides a third mode of fundraising – in addition to media campaigns and "chuggers," or street sign-ups, but is the only method of targeting teenagers that works. 

Established in September 2016, the startup specifically designed its content-providing app for teenagers and young adults, a demographic "where we wanted to have a social impact from day one, not after we became developed," said Pueyo. 

Edited by Celine Lim

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