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Ethyka, the new AI module that ensures ethical systems

Spain · Dec 12, 2018· By Amalia González


Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics are brought to life through Artificial Intelligence

In 1942, before the first robot had even been built, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov came up with the Three Laws of Robotics, a set of rules to govern their usage in an ethical manner. First, a robot may not injure a human being or allow one to incur harm. Second, a robot must obey human orders except when they would cause harm to humans. Third, a robot must protect its own existence unless doing so means disobeying one of the first two laws.

More than 75 years later, and 64 years after the first robot was developed, Spanish startup Acuilae has developed a new AI module, Ethyka, which applies ethical and moral standards to complex artificial intelligence systems. Using machine learning  including deep learning, data analysis with statistical models, voice assistants, chatbot and machine trainers and advanced data visualization  Ethyka is able to analyze a recognized dilemma in several phases. First, it determines the type or types of ethics to be used, e.g., civic or professional. Second, it assesses the principles to be met depending on the context and the type(s) of ethics to be used. Finally, it uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms to generate predictions based on historical information to guide decision making.

CompassList interviewed CEO Cristina Sánchez, a data scientist who spent almost 20 years working with large clients at Accenture before co-founding Acuilae and creating Ethyka, the company's first product.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.


Q. What inspired you to build Acuilae and Ethyka?

A. Acuilae is a company that specializes in artificial intelligence. From experience, we realized the importance of applying ethics to the mathematical algorithms that are part of artificial intelligence. We are living through a new industrial revolution, and there is a certain fear in society about the lack of control we may have over AI, as reflected in films like Terminator. The Ethyka module enables citizens to see robots or artificial intelligence as tools that are here to help man, not to replace him. They do not come to take jobs; they come to change them.

Edited by Wendy Lovinger and Gareth Gardiner Jones

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