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How Aptoide gained 150 million users – without paid promotion

Portugal · Jun 28, 2017· By Kirana Soerono

Alvaro Pinto, co-founder and COO of Aptoide, in his office (photo from Aptoide)

With legions of online businesses competing for a slice of the pie, many resort to shelling out cash to get noticed. Aptoide cuts through the noise with a simple concept: create value, keep it open and people will come to you

Two billion devices worldwide are powered by Android. Yet most Android users get their apps from just one place: the Google Play Store. But why limit yourself?

Among the options out there is Aptoide. It does not just offer an alternative Android app store – but countless of them, in a single marketplace. And unlike some app platforms that choose the content they want to promote, Aptoide keeps itself open to various types of apps.

“Anyone can come to [our] platform and create [an app] store,” said Alvaro Pinto, co-founder and COO of Aptoide. “For example, if you want to have your own channel because you want to share the apps you like to use with your family and friends, you can.”

With countless apps competing for attention, should a developer want to get their app highlighted, they can place an advertisement within the Aptoide marketplace. Aptoide also provides the tools for app developers to monetize their products through in-app purchases and in-app billing.

Not their first rodeo

Pinto, 45, and his fellow co-founder and Aptoide CEO, Paulo Trezentos, are not new players in the industry.

Edited by Bernice Tang

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