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Start with the little things: 5 Indonesian social impact startups

Indonesia · Dec 19, 2018 · By Putu Agung Wija Putera

From student loans to empowering marginalized groups, these startups are revitalizing communities


Many startup founders are trying to change the world, or at least certain communities, for the better. Certain startups come closer to that goal than others. While a startup like Uber has created jobs and changed how people use public and private transportation, a startup like microfinance pioneer Kiva creates hope and changes lives.


In a country as populous and diverse as Indonesia, there are many areas in which entrepreneurs can create positive social change. Some of these, like poverty, have traditionally been within the purview of the state or NGOs. Others have been overlooked, lack new solutions, or are differently underserved. Here are a few Indonesian startups worth reading about that have had a positive social impact.


Edited by Wendy Lovinger

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