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Tipped for unicorn status, BeON Energy is making solar power accessible to the masses

Portugal · Mar 13, 2019· By Amalia González

©BeON Energy

BeON Energy plans to raise the energy sector's largest Series A investment round in 2020

With its solar power generator kit that is easily installed and operated by ordinary consumers, Portuguese solar electronics startup BeON Energy is now primed to take advantage of the country's ambitious new plans for the production of renewable energy.  

Driven by stark warnings of the impact of climate change and the declining cost of producing renewable energy, the Portuguese government plans to double the production of renewable energies by 2030. As part of the country's National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), 47% of Portugal's energy needs – or 28.8 gigawatts – are to be supplied by renewable sources by 2030. Solar power will account for a quarter of the total. 

Central to the Portuguese plans are the reduction of imports of traditional energy and the development of new energy generating capacity. With decentralized energy production set to play a vital role in Portugal's energy transition, BeON Energy CEO and founder Rui Rodrigues spoke to CompassList about his vision for solar power generation and the bright future he sees for his Lisbon-based company. 

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Q. What inspired you to create BeON energy?

A. We wanted to democratize renewables and solar energy. Our solution was to turn a solar panel into a household appliance that can be installed by anyone, for the price of a fridge or a TV. The aim is that with these appliances everyone can participate in the effort to prevent climate change and have the system pay for itself with the energy produced, so that everyone can have renewable energy for free.

Edited by Sophie Douez

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