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Xtrem Biotech, an agtech startup from Granada, seeks global expansion

Spain · Aug 29, 2019· By Amalia González

© Xtrem Biotech

With its research roots in the University of Granada, Xtrem Biotech was named one of the world's most innovative agtech spin-offs by accelerator TERRA Food & AgTech

Xtrem Biotech, which develops, produces and commercializes biostimulants, biofertilizers and pesticides of biological origin, grew out of a university research group with a combined total of 30 years’ experience.

The startup was the result of a bold venture by a group of friends, family, investors and professors of the University of Granada, who were convinced of the huge potential of the technology that could be generated with microorganisms for the benefit of the environment.

"The idea of setting up a biotech startup came at the beginning of 2013 among a group of people, including the University of Granada research group BIO-188 (Microbial Exopolysaccharides), in which my mother had been working for a long time," Borja Torres Béjar, Xtrem Biotech's CEO and founder, told CompassList at the 2019 Smart Agrifood Summit.

His mother, Dr Victoria Béjar Luque, leads the research group and is a professor at the university. She is currently one of the advisers to Xtrem Biotech.

In addition to fungicides for the agricultural industry, Xtrem Biotech develops biosurfactants for cleaning products and bio-gelifying products for the cosmetics industry as well. It also provides microbial identification services by molecular techniques, phylogenetic analysis, antimicrobial activity assays and microbiologic analysis.

Edited by S. Mani

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