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Yudha Kartohadiprodjo wants to empower Indonesian farmers

Indonesia · Sep 13, 2018· By Putu Agung Wija Putera

Photo by Kaikoro/

His social media startup Karsa arms farmers with better knowledge and information sharing

If you asked the average Indonesian what a farmer does, they would answer “bercocok tanam” (“to plant crops”). Yudha Kartohadiprodjo, co-founder of the farming social network Karsa, thinks the term oversimplifies just how much farmers have to do and know to be successful.


“A farmer needs to understand weather. They have to know about biology, hydrology, chemicals,” explains Yudha. “And, at the end of the day, they have to be traders.”


As a result, farmers have a real need for accurate, timely information. They gather online on Facebook and other social networks, where they ask each other questions and share their own knowledge. These online farming networks became the inspiration for Karsa.

Edited by Wendy Lovinger

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