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Independent Android app marketplace organized YouTube-style in 40 languages. App manufacturers can create, manage their own stores and monetize via its solutions. Hosts around 900,000 apps, including some not found on Google Play, for direct downloading. No geo or content restrictions, safest Android app store, the first powered by blockchain.

Creams, a SaaS system/app for commercial real estate assets management, provides proprietors with real-time data to improve business functionality, especially in property management, retail leasing, operation monitoring and customer relationship management. A single click on the application’s interface and all key business figures are presented at once.

AISpeech specializes in speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding, voiceprint recognition, dialogue management and audio analysis. It provides voice interaction solutions for smart vehicles, smart home appliances and robots. AISpeech offers a voice input app and a Dialogue User Interface (DUI) open platform for developers to customize voice recognition products.

aiXcoder can be installed in commonly used integrated development environments—IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, PyCharm—as a plug-in. Trained using best quality open source code, it can predict the most relevant code completion and recommend high quality code samples to programmers. aiXcoder can also be trained with proprietorial code for business clients.

Codemao provides courses and tools to teach children coding. Rocket Coding, which uses toy blocks to teach the basics, is for children aged 4-7. Older children learn to code using languages, e.g., Kitten, a visual programming language developed by Codemao, and Python.

SaaS combining NLP, voice recognition, computational imagery for enhancing deep-learning capabilities for AI/ML systems in human-machine communication. Provides continuous access to highly accurate data; 500,000 datasets processed daily in 46 languages, up to 98% accuracy. Integrated with IBM's Watson Studio; used in creating PAs from scratch or improving existing systems.

NPAW provides business intelligence solutions to a range of media companies including telcos, broadcasters and over-the-top (OTT) service providers. The latest version of its flagship product, YOUBORA Suite, uses AI to provide insights, optimize content discovery, manage users, overcome technical issues and increase advertising efficiency.

SigmaRail's flagship product, SigmaQ, is an integrated solution for mapping railway signalling resources, surveillance and maintenance. It features a geographical information system platform (GIS), a laser-based data capturing system, drones and cameras. Its machine learning algorithms deliver analysis and insights to users.

Neliti helps organizations such as universities, government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) create and host digital versions of their academic content, including research articles, journals and conference proceedings. Users can search and read content using Neliti's open access web platform, which does not require a log in.

Worktile offers four types of collaboration software – a basic version, a professional version, an enterprise version and a flagship version – which have varied functions. The software is comprised of four modules: project management, customer relationship management, HR and office automation.

Digital Union offers a So module that could be embedded to an app. Once the app is equipped with this module, the developer can see from Digital Union's platform the genuine number of how many devices have installed the app and how many accounts were generated by emulators, etc.

Onirix is a flexible and adaptable augmented reality web platform entirely developed by Neosentecs to create augmented reality projects. It also includes the  Onirix player for mobile visualization, SDKs Open source libraries and utilities, and 3 modules, Target, Places and Spaces, to create different types of AR experiences.

Qiscus provides a software development kit (SDK) to build chat functionality within apps or web pages for customer service or internal staff communications. It also offers a multichannel customer service dashboard that enables businesses to interact and engage with customers directly across multiple social media and chat apps.

SoundAI uses its Azero operating system to develop smart speakers and other acoustic hardware, which are used in in-vehicle infotainment systems, smart television and so on. The Babel open platform allows users to customize products using SoundAI’s technology. It also provides customized acoustic service packages for hotels, banks, among others.

Founded by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, famous venture capitalist in China. Lee is the former associate professor of Carnegie Mellon, former vice president of Apple’s web products division, former vice president of interactive services division at Microsoft, and former vice president of Google. The investors of Sinovation Ventures include Lenovo, Foxconn, New Oriental, Steve Chen, etc,.Sinovation Ventures include Lenovo, Foxconn, New Oriental, Steve Chen, etc,.

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