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Droid4X is a free Android emulator/simulator (a program that runs a guest Android OS on a PC or Mac). Has networking, Google Play Store, functional applications. With Droid4X installed, users can treat their PC/Mac like any Android device: play games, install apps, test apps, etc.

Alkemis Games specializes in mid-core mobile games with in-app purchases. Raiders Quest is the main income earner with prices ranging from US$3 to US$30 per in-app item.Alkemis Games has license for the popular BoBoiBoy mobile games, the first of which was launched in English and various Asian languages.

Toge Productions is a digital games development and publishing studio. The company develops its own games and also publishes games developed by third party studios; the company offers funding, consulting and social media marketing as part of its publishing related activities. 

Hero Entertainment has designed more than 20 highly popular mobile games: Crisis Action, Art of War: Red Tides, NBA Live, etc. The startup has created a complete entertainment experience by organizing O2O gaming experiences and professional leagues based on its strong original gaming IP.

The company sells the NOLO CV1 VR kit that can be connected with various PCs, smartphones, and all-in-one VR headsets. The NOLO HOME app allows game players to play VR games on smartphones and also works as a platform for developers to create new games.

Xrush hardware could be attached to a regular toothbrush handle. When a kid brushes teeth, through sensors the hardware could collect data on the movement, so the kid could play a real-time game at the app, and the app can tell if the kid has brushed correctly.

Agate makes games for home consumers as well as for businesses. For the former, Agate develops free-to-play online/mobile games as well as paid/premium games for mobile and consoles. For businesses, Agate makes gamified employee training modules, branded online content and VR- and AR-branded experiences.

The owner of WeChat, Tencent is China's biggest online entertainment and social network company. While the company is best known for WeChat (with 846 million active users, and counting), online gaming is actually its biggest money-spinner.

Founded in 2010, East Ventures is a venture capital firm with offices in Indonesia, Japan and USA. Today, the company has invested in over 150 companies across Asia, mainly Southeast Asia and Japan, and the USA. Its ticket size ranges from US$100,000 to US$500,000.

China's largest seed fund, ZhenFund was set up in 2011 by Xu Xiaoping (Bob Xu), Wang Qiang (Victor Wang) and Sequoia Capital China. The original ZhenFund (or ZhenFund 1.0) was founded in 2006 when Xu began investing as an angel investor, after the New Oriental Education & Technology Group he co-founded went public on NYSE. ZhenFund's notable investments include Jumei, Jiayuan, LightInTheBox, Miyabaobei, Meicai and 17zuoye, among the more than 300 startups it has betted on.

Zhejiang Daily Media Group is a newspaper publishing group.

Founded in 2014, Giant Innovation Capital is a venture capital fund by Giant Interactive Group, an online game developer and operator listed on the NYSE. It focuses on early stage investing in Internet startups.

Beijing Kunlun Tech Co., Ltd. (Kunlun) is a Beijing-based gaming, fintech and software company founded in 2008. It went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2015. In 2016, Kunlun acquired a 60% stake in Grindr. It now invests primarily in sectors such as social networking, live streaming, IoT and AI. Four of the companies in which it invested - Qudian, Yinke, Opera and Ruhan - have gone public as of April 2019. 

Founded in 2014 by Cao Yi, formerly of Sequoia Capital and Ceyuan Ventures, Source Code Capital currently manages about US$500 million of capital, focusing on early-stage TMT (especially fintech, O2O, e-commerce) investments. Notable investments have included Qufenqi, Meituan, and PPzuche. Source Code Capital is part of the Sequoia Capital China.

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