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Supported by Tiger Brokers’s own system, Tiger Trade (Tiger Brokers’s app) provides real-time market quotes, streaming news feeds, stock investment tutorials and online stock trading services, enabling Chinese investors to trade in the US stock market, the Hong Kong exchange and Chinese A shares.

Indexa Capital offers a passive investment management system that can be used by any type of investors. Investments start from a minimum of €50 for pension funds to €1,000 for index funds. Users can invest up to €50 million using the automated system, without guidance from financial advisers.

Zhugefang is a platform where users could find apartments to buy or rent. It has launched an app for users, and an app for agents. Through Zhugefang, users can find true information of the apartments, compare the price given by different agent, its past price given by agents, etc.

Investors can view proposals from prospective franchisees across a range of businesses, including convenience stores, minimarkets, F&B outlets and motor repair garages. Minimum investment for a unit of share is IDR 5 million (US$328). Bizhare facilitates the franchise incorporation and processes the disbursement of shared profits. 

Fundeen offers two renewable energy investment options: Equity crowdfunding with an objective net return of 7% for an investment term of up to 30 years, depending on the life of the project, and crowdlending with an objective net return of 4% and a term lasting between five and 10 years. is a B2C platform which could be accessed by global clients. Users could get information, loans, purchase and manage real estate assets and buy REITs there. The assets and services were uploaded from Uoolu+ by property developers. also recently launched Hailu, which could be used by agents to complete a deal.

Tanamduit's online mutual fund investment platform can be accessed via website or mobile app. The platform features side-by-side comparisons of 29 different mutual fund products and helps investors invest according to risk profiles. Tanamduit also distributes government bonds and offers its mutual fund products via third-party platforms. is mainly a robo-trading app for crypto assets. Users can link their Lubna accounts to their cryptocurrency exchange accounts hosted by platforms like Binance and Huobi. They can also select a backtested trading robot and trailing stops according to their investment needs.

Cryptosolartech issues a CST token, an ERC-20 utility token supported by Ethereum blockchain platform. Cryptosolartech mining processes are powered by renewable solar energy derived from dedicated photovoltaic (PV) plants based in Spain's sunny southern region. PV plants are connected to mining farms which are installed with 3,000 ASICs.

Geo Data Block (GeoDB) is a location digital data marketplace powered by blockchain, big data and crypto-economic models. Geo tokens are issued to users who can generate personal data to be shared with GeoDB partner companies for use in market research, analyses and strategic planning.

As Fumi's main product, Webull is a commission-free stock and ETF 【缩写第一次出现,括号补充下全称】 trading platform that designed for traders of all levels【level是啥意思,以啥为标准划分的level】. It embodies a clean user interface with functions of real-time market data, various technical indicators, advanced order types, analyst ratings, and a trading simulator friendly to beginners. 

Coinffeine is an open source decentralized P2P platform enabling secure, anonymous exchange of FIAT-Bitcoin currencies. The platform automatically matches user bids to buy or sell bitcoin, executes the transaction and transfers the money to the user's virtual wallet or bank account. 

Portofolio's platform allows users to learn the strategies of experienced traders, or even copy their strategies to use in their own portfolio. Portofolio is not a brokerage and does not handle funds; it only transfers information to and from the users' brokerage accounts. Currently showing forex and gold trades.

The Oslo-born venture capital company, Northzone VC, has offices in Norway, Sweden, London and New York, and was founded in 1996. It has invested in more than 130 companies globally, across a spectrum of sectors, and at different stages, and has around €1 billion under investment currently. It has seen nine IPOs from its portfolio and manages nine funds. It has been lead investor in almost 70 rounds and has seen 30 exits to date. 

Established in 1996, Celebes Capital (PT Celebes Artha Ventura) is a venture capital fund mostly operating as a venture builder but also has the flexibility to invest as minority shareholders. Initially formed as a stock investing company, it did not begin private investing until 2000.It was founded and is headed Hendrick Kolonas, who currently serves as its CEO and President Commissioner. Kolonas spearheaded the company's investments into financial services business including SMS Finance, Jaya Proteksi Insurance, Pan Pacific Insurance, as well as the automotive distribution and mining industry.Kolonas founded and managed Bank Tiara, and spearheaded its public offering within 4 years from founding. In 1998, Kolonas became the CEO of PT Adijaya Guna Satwatama, a privately owned integrated agribusiness company for a number of years.With colleagues, Kolonas founded PT Wahana Ottomitra Multiartha, whose business is in motorcycle consumer financing. The company went public in 2007 and sold to a group of consortium of PT Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).Kolonas also contributed to Japfa Comfeed Group as a Head of International Division. The Group is based in Singapore and its main business is consumer foods and agribusiness industry. At the present, he sits on the Executive Committee of Japfa Comfeed Group.Kolonas holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in Accounting and Finance from Middlesex University, England and a Masters in Business Administration from University of Hull, England.Kolonas' daughter, Marcellina Claudia Kolonas, founded the investment fintech Pluang.  

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