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Smart Cities

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Veniam's NetRider box runs on native software and cellular, Wi-Fi and DSRC signals, forming a mesh network open to devices with continuous connectivity. Via agreements with OEMs and tier 1 manufacturers, the technology should soon be incorporated in connected and autonomous vehicles. Boxes send real-time data to Veniam's cloud for analytics.

Qlue's Smart City apps can be used by the public to report issues to government officials who will use the CROP app to locate the problems reported. Locality maps can be viewed in VR 360 format by using the myCity facility, with a 24-hour traffic data and chat platform.

Orange bicycles equipped with GPS devices and smart locks for rental at RMB 0.5/hour in China. Mobike bicycles come with solid tires for lower deterioration rates and maintenance costs, compared with competitors’ bikes. The Mobike app lets users find nearby available bikes, unlock them and make payment for rental.

The company’s flagship Nodeflux IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) product is an enterprise-grade solution with facial recognition, object detection and heatmap visualization capabilities. The company is targeting public security, defense and smart city applications. Nodeflux’s computer vision solutions are provided in partnership with global graphics company Nvidia.

The OmniLED product provides continuous power supply to smart street lights that run on solar and wind energy. Generated electricity can be stored in a battery that also powers other IoT functions - public WiFi, surveillance, traffic count, bike charging and smart parking - which are controlled via Omniflow's platform.

Connecting EV drivers with private and public charging stations via a collaborative platform that lets users share and locate available sockets. An AI-powered control center manages multiple charging points while the interoperability platform aggregates external public and private charging stations that are not controlled by the company.

On-demand bus services using municipal systems to view public transport routes. Shotl allows transport managers to access a central control console to monitor demand fluctuations to boost efficient use of public vehicles. The Driver's App can locate passengers and their destinations. End-users can book journeys via Passenger App.

Supply and operate special delivery/collection hubs manned by autonomous robots in residential districts. Each fleet of ground-based delivery robots will be centrally managed and remotely monitored by Eliport staff as part of SaaS solutions for clients.

Odilo offers CaaS, loaning and archiving services to libraries, universities, schools and corporates. The multiformat platform for digital content hosts over two million copyright licensed publications. The cloud-based platform can be integrated with didactic tools for customized solutions.

The startup installs access control systems in urban communities and has released an app. Advertisers can deliver ads on the access board and on the app. Residents use the app to pass the access control system, pay property management fee, find maintenance services, and buy discounted goods.

Using its GEEWOO image-identification search engine technology, Haishen's G-BOX AI vending machine cabinets are located in bricks-and-mortar outlets. Customers can open the cabinets by using QR codes. The G-BOX AI will record the items taken and payments are automatically completed via smartphones when the doors are closed.

Geo Data Block (GeoDB) is a location digital data marketplace powered by blockchain, big data and crypto-economic models. Geo tokens are issued to users who can generate personal data to be shared with GeoDB partner companies for use in market research, analyses and strategic planning.

A robotics, drones, IoT and food tech focused accelerator, Brinc has backed 60 startups to date. It is one of the earliest hardware accelerators to focus on China, where it started, and now has offices in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, offering engineering support and manufacturing services to help startups produce and ship their products. Taking a hands-on approach to turn the startups into viable enterprises through a "sprint" approach, it offers up to US$100,000 per company in return for 8–15% equity. Brinc also operates out of Barcelona (Spain), Poznan (Poland) and Manama (Bahrain).

Liil Ventures focuses on innovative startups that have potential to create the cities of the future, especially in transportation intelligence and infrastructure. The VC was founded more than 75 years ago as a mobility intelligence network to invest in Smart City growth opportunities. Hands-on investment and management expertise are shared with the portfolio startups.

Changce Investment was established in Guangzhou in May 2015. With more than RMB 1 billion under management, the firm invests mainly in unlisted high-growth companies in the IoT sector.

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