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Updated: 08/2019


Indonesia / Jakarta , Indonesia / Website

Human Resources Artificial Intelligence SaaS
  • Pitch

    HR Intelligence Catapa's simple, affordable AI-powered SaaS packages help SMEs to quickly boost efficiency and staff productivity.

  • Why

    • Expensive HRM systems

      High investment costs of human resource management software deter SMEs from adopting hi-tech systems.

    • Inefficient manual methods

      Manual systems are more prone to human error and scaling difficulties.

    • Redundant systems

      AI and ML technology rapidly adopted to automate many HR and other operational processes.

  • Market


    Estimated number of Indonesian SMEs in 2018 that have adopted digital business systems, such as selling online and using management software.

  • Product

    SaaS-based HR information systems include basic module that helps employers to manage payroll, tax and insurance reports for employees. Add-on modules are available for employee attendance and recruitment pipeline automation. Employees can access self-service features, like booking holiday dates, by talking to the "Claudia" chatbot.

  • Founders

  • Investors

  • Journey

    • 2017 - Catapa spin-off as separate business from GDP Venture incubator.

      • The Launch

        April, Catapa was launched as a separate company, after internal incubation at GDP Labs, part of GDP Venture's venture builder division.

        • Stefanie Suanita, a GDP senior principal product manager, became Catapa's CEO.
        • The GDP incubator project investigated the potential of using AI and other new computing concepts to address gaps in the HR information and management system market.
    • In 2019, Catapa will continue to focus on expanding its customer base and promote the benefits of AI in HR systems. CEO Stefanie Suanita said that the company will use roadshows to introduce Catapa to potential clients around Indonesia.

      Current clients include companies in the extended Djarum/GDP network, such as BCA Insurance and online forum Kaskus, as well as retail SMEs.

    • Plans to attract new customers by improving their products and services. Catapa is also seeking potential collaborations with other companies that provide related HR services.

  • Business Model

    Subscription services and SaaS model: basic payroll module costs IDR 12,000 per employee per month, employee attendance module costs additional IDR 8,000 per employee per month. For recruitment pipeline features, Catapa charges a fixed monthly fee of IDR 150,000 per job opening.

    Catapa is using AI-based capabilities to differentiate its services and SaaS from other HR software companies in the market, such as Sleekr (now Mekari). The most prominent feature is the "Claudia" chatbot that helps employees to access HR administrative features. For example, "Claudia" can execute employee requests or answer enquiries through organic conversation prompts. Staff can make annual leave requests and access payslip data online 24/7, via Facebook Messenger, LINE, Slack or Telegram.

    Catapa also provides employers with an optional recruitment platform, costing IDR 150,000 per job vacancy per month for unlimited number of applicants to be processed. Using resume parsing AI, Catapa's recruitment platform can extract information automatically from each applicant's resumes, organizing them according to different categories and speeding up the recruiter's filtering process. Catapa estimates that they can process thousands of resumes concurrently with this technology.

    Catapa also seeks to be one of the most affordable HR management service systems in Indonesia by implementing a "pay as you use" concept. Companies can subscribe to the basic payroll module with a monthly fee of IDR 12,000 per employee. They are not charged for the attendance management feature, costing an additional IDR 8,000 per employee, if they do not subscribe to it.

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