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Updated: 06/2017

Habibi Garden

Indonesia / Bekasi , Indonesia / Website

Angel Seed
Agriculture & Fishery B2B
  • Pitch

    Talk to your plants. Habibi Garden ensures crops are nourished at optimum levels by hi-tech sensors, automatic pumps and analytics.

  • Why

    • Inaccurate crop farming methods

      Many farmers still water and feed their crops manually using estimates and outdated information.

    • Labor intensive

      Indonesian agriculture is still relatively low-tech, relying on inefficient menial labor.

  • Market

    US$25 billion

    Agriculture contributes US$25 billion annually to Indonesia's GDP, but many farmers remain poor, limited by small holdings and low-tech methods.

  • Product

    Habibi Garden provides sensors that detect essential farming data, including soil conditions, nutrient levels, humidity and temperature.

  • Founders

  • Investors

  • Journey

    • 2016 - Habibi Garden launched suite of IoT farming tools.

      • The Launch

        May, Habibi Garden was established by Dian Prayogi Susanto and high-school friend Irsan Rajamin. Its suite of IoT sensors was developed for a pilot test in a tomato farm.

        • By November 2016, the data received from the sensors were used to help the tomato farmers to increase production from 6,000 kg to 7,000 kg.

        November, Habibi Garden joined the Indigo incubator, owned by national telco Telkom.

        • Besides funding and mentorship, Habibi Garden also began talks to collaborate with Indonesia’s mobile network operator Telkomsel.

        • A profit-sharing scheme was created with the help of Indigo mentors.

      • Expansion

        November, Habibi Garden also won The Next Dev 2016, a competition held by Telkomsel.

        • Other winners included custom tailoring startup Kostoom and vehicle parking service startup Juru Parkir.

        • The startups received funding, mentoring, market access and other perks. The founders were also sent on a learning trip to Switzerland and France in February 2017.

    • 2017 - New partnership and pilot project with Telkomsel.

      • Expansion

        June, Telkomsel started collaborating with agritechs Habibi Garden and Eragano to develop a digital agriculture platform to be trialed in West Java and Lampung provinces.

        ●     The pilot tests on chili pepper and potato crops comprised 4.5 hectares of land for each farm in West Java and in Lampung.

    • According to CTO Irsan Rajamin, Habibi Garden’s hardware development has entered the third phase, with improvements to the sensors and added pH-sensing capabilities.

      Currently focusing on the pilot projects, together with Telkom and Eragano.

    • Expand operations for mass production and target output of 5,000 devices.

  • Business Model

    Habibi Garden operates a profit-sharing scheme. Investors pay IDR 30–40 million (US$2,000–3,000) per hectare of farmland to finance the costs of the farming equipment, installation and irrigation setup. Investors, farmers and Habibi Garden get a pre-agreed share of profits.

    Habibi Garden sells automatic pumps and smart sensors that record essential farming data, including updated information on soil conditions, nutrient levels, humidity and temperature. The real-time data is then used to control the automatic pumps that provide water and fertilizer to the plants.


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