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Updated: 07/2018


China / Shenzhen , China / Website

12/2017 Series A
B2B Healthcare Sports Tech Wearables Artificial Intelligence Big Data & Analytics Cloud Sensors
  • Pitch

    The gait data collected by Sennotech's smart insoles can help custom-make better shoes and orthotics, personalize training for athletes and improve rehabilitation treatment for patients.

  • Why

    • High cost

      The high price-tag on medical-grade gait analysis equipment makes it impractical for widespread application.

    • Low precision

      Gait data collected by most smart insoles isn’t precise enough for clinical use.

  • Market

    RMB 103.8bn

    Predicted value of China's medical rehabilitation services market by 2023 with a 18% CAGR from RMB 27bn in 2016.

  • Product

    Sennotech's AI-based gait analysis system Senno Gait (a pair of smart insoles, a sensor and an app) collects data from over 30,000 points on the foot and generates a real-time analysis report wirelessly using cloud-based algorithms. The startup also sells SennoFit custom insoles, priced at around US$50 per pair.

  • Founders

  • Investors

  • Journey

    • 2015 - Sennotech founded; 8-digit-RMB seed funding; launched first generation gait analysis system.

      • The Launch

        February, Sennotech was founded in Shenzhen.

      • Products and services

        Launched Insole X, its first generation gait analysis product.

        • Insole X was designed for businesses clients, e.g., sports training centers and medical rehabilitation centers. Clients used Insole X to monitor athletes' and patients' daily gait in a comfortable way to improve training performance and rehabilitation outcomes.
        • The product could conduct medical-grade gait data collection and analysis using cloud-based AI algorithms.
        • The insoles collected data using pressure and motion sensors that measured foot pressure distribution, foot movement (acceleration, angular velocity, etc.) and orientation.
      • Fundings

        June, raised tens of millions of RMB in seed funding from Oriental Fortune Capital and Lenovo Accelerator.

    • 2016 - Launched Senno Gait; selected by Lenovo Accelerator’s incubation program.

      • Products and services

        August, launched Senno Gait, a portable sensor-based gait analysis system.

        • The sensor used in the system cost only 3-digit-RMB to produce.
        • The sensor could capture real-time gait data, and the app could reproduce foot movement in 3D. Gait could be assessed using more than 20 metrics, including kinematic curve, walking ability and swing velocity.
      • Expansion

        September, selected to participate in the Lenovo Global Top Ten, a Lenovo Accelerator incubation program. 

        • The program incubated startups in the sectors of AI, big data and robotics. 
        • Selected startups were provided with funding, technological assistance and other support.
    • 2017 - 8-digit-RMB pre-A financing round; partnerships with companies at home and abroad.

      • Expansion

        March, partnership with Li-Ning, a Chinese company that makes athletic shoes and other sporting goods. 

        • Sennotech built Li-Ning a custom system to help the sporting goods company's customers find the best fit shoes for them via gait analysis. The system has been in use at Li-Ning’s flagship store in Wangfujing, Beijing, since June 2017.

        April, partnership with Orthogenic Technology, an American orthotics maker.

        • Orthogenic Technology's 150 stores used the Senno Gait kit to assess customers' feet and customize 3D-printed insoles based on the results.
      • Fundings

        November, raised RMB 10m in pre-A financing from Midas Capital, Tianjin Venture Capital and Cyzone Angel Fund.

    • 2018 - Launched app for individual users; launched new posture analysis technology.

      • Products and services

        June, launched an app for at-home users to buy next generation SennoFit custom insoles. 

        • Users could take pictures of their feet and record video of their gait and then submit the photos/footage for analysis by Sennotech via their smartphones. Sennotech would then design insoles based on the results.
        • The app attracted more than 100,000 users in the two months after its release.

        August, unveiled new system for vision-based postural analysis.

        • Using Sennotech's cloud-based AI algorithms and human posture database, the system would predict what health problems might be caused by a user's posture by analyzing just two pictures, one from the front and one from the side. The whole process only took about ten seconds.
        • Compared to similar postural analysis systems using neural networks, Sennotech's new system increased mean Average Precision (mAP) in bony landmark identification by about 10%.
    • Sennotech holds more than ten patents on gait analysis in China.

    • Complete a new funding round.

  • Business Model

    Sennotech targets business clients and individual customers. In addition to the income from sales of SennoFit custom insoles, the startup also sells Senno Gait kits to business clients and earns commission on any revenue clients make from sales. Sennotech has opened its APIs to clients, enabling them to make smart shoes or insoles, and charges a usage fee.

    Clients include foot care clinics, health management centers, fitness coaches and shoe makers who use the data collected and analyzed by Sennotech's equipment to customize rehabilitation and other healthcare products for their customers.

    Senno Gait kits are available for use at Orthogenic Technology's 150 offline outlets. Sennotech receives US$10 for every Orthogenic Technology customer who has his/her feet assessed by a kit.

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