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Veniam's NetRider box runs on native software and cellular, Wi-Fi and DSRC signals, forming a mesh network open to devices with continuous connectivity. Via agreements with OEMs and tier 1 manufacturers, the technology should soon be incorporated in connected and autonomous vehicles. Boxes send real-time data to Veniam's cloud for analytics.

Partnering print service providers, 360imprimir is an e-store offering SMEs a variety of high-quality marketing collaterals across Europe and the Americas, delivered within 48 hours. Its in-house software helps partners consolidate orders, optimize production and cut costs by up to 80%. Customers upload their own design or use easy-to-use templates.

A free cloud-based billing program that allows users to create bespoke documents like invoices with instant messaging features. Users can also automatically produce recurring invoices, add and compute discounts, taxes, surcharges and expenses. Payment and other fintech services are also available. 

Mars Rabbit is an app that facilitates express checkout and easy payment at retail outlets. It enables shoppers to scan barcodes and pay online without lining up at cash registers. Before leaving, shoppers must go through a special checkout stand where a staff member verifies they paid for their purchases.

P2P foreign currency exchange (FX) trading and risk management platform targeting small and mid-sized corporations. Offers 134 currencies for spot and forward exchange as well as market order, dynamic hedging and international payments services. Kantox's automated exchange and payments API is available to clients with high or frequent FX exposure.

RoboCT produces wearable robots—UGO Exoskeleton and UFU Help series—and the baseboard Milepost α. Mobility-impaired patients wear UGO robots to walk and climb stairs at home, communities, hospitals, etc.  Wheelchair-like UFU robots are both a walk assist and riding tool. Milepost α is for product development in robot control.

Fresh Hema offered fresh food (picked and packed within the day), supporting both online-order-and-delivery and supermarket experience. In the offline outlets, there are also food tasting and dining service offered.

A B2B cloud-based web platform and customized SaaS that allows all types of users to easily create and automate data workflows. Compatible software that can be used across different programs and cloud technologies. Fully compatible with Google Drive and available as Add-on in Google Sheets.

The Robot Immune System (RIS) microchips provide high-tech internal security for robots and their components, with automatic updates. Alias Robotics use "latest bio-inspired AI techniques with cutting-edge hardware for high-speed computation".  The chips are compatible with the most relevant software tools in robotics, like ROS and ROS2. 

Automated car wash service provided by machines that Yigongli developed. Users drive into the machine before activating and paying for the service with the Yigongli app. The machine uses less water and time than a manual car wash. Its man-machine voice communication system enhances user experience.

SigmaRail's flagship product, SigmaQ, is an integrated solution for mapping railway signalling resources, surveillance and maintenance. It features a geographical information system platform (GIS), a laser-based data capturing system, drones and cameras. Its machine learning algorithms deliver analysis and insights to users.

Two 100% web-based solutions: electronic signature and a digital identity solution called Know Your Digital Customer (KYDC), which uses image analysis, machine learning and face biometric matching technologies. KYDC's users can create their own onboarding process with personalized rules and flows, while the identification process is conducted in accordance with prevailing local regulations.

Acuilae's flagship product, ETHYKA, can be embedded in existing and new AI solutions to help make ethically sound decisions. The module can recognize and analyze the ethical dilemma by determining the specific principles in use and criteria to apply. Machine and deep learning algorithms are then applied to historical information to generate predictions.

SaaS platform that integrates into the APIs of marketplaces and is powered by deep-learning and image recognition technologies to detect fakes and copyright infringements online. Protects brands through automatic, continuous monitoring of websites, marketplaces and social media platforms as well as non-compliant distributor channels.

Bewe is an easy-to-use productivity SaaS for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the beauty and wellness sector. Tailored to each market segment, it helps manage agenda and clients’ appointments, stocks and cashflow, marketing and loyalty programs as well as the development of personalized mobile apps and websites. 

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